How to cancel your order?

Once we receive your order with payment we wait half an hour before packing and dispatching. After half an hour we consider your order as confirm and then we do remaining process of shipping. We normally ship all the orders on the same day if it was made before 4:30pm and not cancelled. Once cancelled, your entire amount will be refunded into your account from where it was debited.

How to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within half an hour from the time the order was made by calling, sending an email to us with your order number. We will add a button soon so that you can cancel right from your account dashboard.

Why I have only half an hour to cancel my order?

30 minutes is enough to decide whether to cancel or not. For smooth functioning of shipping process and to handle other orders we decided this deadline.

How long it takes to cancel my order and get my refunds?

At its quick. Just few clicks and its done. We will raise a refund relatively and you will receive your funds within 1-2 days.

Cancel button is disabled, why?

Since we consider your order as confirm after 30 minutes from the time the order was made. Because of this you are not able to cancel your order and the button is disabled.