Replace and Refund

Replace and Refund

Money back guarantee

Every product that is shipped / dispatched by SpiderJuice is analyzed and monitored under tough administration in terms of quality and fineness. Similarly the inaccuracy or mistakes in terms of products are too much rare. Every possible and mandatory care is taken of the product from shipping till delivery. But in case if some or the other fault occurs, our customer care team will be there to help you 24*7 with the sureness of bringing examination and confirmation of products under strict supervision.


  • How do I place a Replace request on SpiderJuice?
    In case the customer received a “damaged”, “wrong color” or “not what you ordered” etc. kind of products, they have to inform our company about such trouble through customer care service number 98212 49345 or via E-mail Taking under consideration our fault and misunderstanding, we will revert to the e-mail and guide you the way to parcel us the product via courier, speed post etc. And the moment we receive the returned product for replacement, we will send/courier you the replaced product. This process may take 8-10 days for the exact product to reach the customer.
    FROM FEBRUARY – MARCH 2016 – In case you received a “damaged”, “wrong color” or “not what you ordered” etc. kind of products, you can issue a replace request for your product by filling the replacement form on SpiderJuice. Your issue will be taken under analysis and quick action will be taken regarding your replacement.


  • How my product will be picked up for replacement?
    According to the inconveniency of pickup services, the customer himself/herself has to send us the product via courier at SpiderJuice office. The customer has to pay the amount of the courier even, which will be later added to the product amount and transferred to the customers account.
    FROM FEBRUARY – MARCH 2016 – The moment you register your return request for a particular product, we’ll be alarmed with the request and under 48 hours the product will be picked up from your door step. Once we receive the originally delivered item, a replacement product is shipped or full refund of the product is issued.


  • How will I get the refund of my product on SpiderJuice?
    As soon as the customer courier’s the product, it gets dispatched from the courier company. It may take the duration of 3-4 days for the product to reach us. The instant we receive the product in hand, we work accordingly on the information our customer provided us regarding their bank account and then suitably transfer the money to their account. It may possibly take a day or two for the money to get transferred to the bank account.


  • What kind of items can I exchange?
    Every product which is undamaged, unused and unharmed in every manner can be exchanged. Except some of the scenarios for eg. the product is having some kind of damage, some of the parts or accessories missing from the product, labels or packing missing etc.
    Similarly in case of dress materials and fitness equipment’s, any harm to the fabric or mistreating the material of the apparatus may lead to cancellation of returning and replacing of products.


  • I did not receive my refund yet?
    This situation never happens so often until and unless the customer provides wrong or unidentified information regarding the bank account like account number, account holder name etc. Another reason can be the national holiday or a Sunday in between that may cause a hold on the transaction. Except these kinds of mistakes, the refund of the product is never postponed or delayed.