Shipping Policy

From placing the order to receiving it at your door steps, here is the complete guide about our delivery procedure.

Designing a smooth process from receiving orders to completing them is a challenging task and its incomplete without a strong shipping and order handling model. We have designed our shipping procedure in such a way that its helpful for both, our clients and us. Smooth functioning is taken care so that the order is delivered on time and thus building a better customer relationship. We normally ship your order on the same day if it was made before 5 pm and not cancelled. COD orders for Mumbai are mostly delivered the next day. We also notify with SMS / E-Mail alerts on every step of your order. Reading further will help you to know the in-depth structure of our model.

How do I know the estimated delivery date for my order?

Total time for delivery depends on your shipping address. You can easily know the estimated delivery date by submitting the pincode in the check box (refer image below). You can also see whether Cash on Delivery (COD) option is available for your location. Estimated delivery days are kept high for safety, so you will normally receive your orders within the estimated delivery date. But sometimes due to unexpected reasons like heavy rains, National Holidays, etc. delay can occur.

pincode cod delivery status

Are there any hidden cost? do I need to pay anything extra to what I paid/Quoted for my order?

No, the amount you paid/quoted is final and inclusive of everything.

Do we offer free delivery?

If your order exceeds the amount of Rs.1499, then it is delivered for free.

Do we deliver Internationally?

No for now, but we hope we’ll do some day.

Do we sell used products?

Every product on SpiderJuice are unused and brand new.

Do we check/test every product before shipping?

Quality checking is given high priority at SpiderJuice. We check every product before shipping but on some we cannot due to their nature.

Your order was shipped but you still didn’t receive it?

(this is applicable after estimated delivery due date)

  • Due to some problems like natural calamities, national holidays, courier service problems etc you may receive your order little late.
  • You live in restricted/security/remote areas : Such zones do not allow outside goods and they might even say delivery guys to return back. In such situations the order will be bounced back to us. So please inform your guard/security in-charge so that they know the order was yours. For remote areas delivery can be late because courier service are not frequently active and they visit on particular days only, like twice a week.

What if my order was bounced back?

Order bounced means that we shipped your order, it reached your place but due to some security or any reason it was returned back to us. Once we ship your order, the delivery amount you paid goes to our courier service partner and its not refundable. So in such situation we refund your total order amount except the delivery charges you paid.

If I order using Cash On Delivery (COD) option when will I get my order and what are the charges?

For Mumbai : It is mostly next day delivery with only Rs.70 extra on total order. So if you book today then you are just 1 day away to receive you ordered. Yeah, that is exciting!

Other then Mumbai : The delivery charges all over India is Rs.70. The time of delivery other than Mumbai may differ according to the distance of the customer’s destination.

Which courier service do we use for shipping in all regions of India?

We use FedEx Courier Service. World’s largest and fastest courier service.